Directory Crawler

2018-03-25 Updated to v2.0: Optimized the code and changed application type to command-line application.

Directory Crawler is a simple lightweight command-line application built in .NET C# to crawl all accessible directories within a target directory (entry point) and output the results to a text file.

I created this program because I need to monitor some shared directories within a local network.


Here’s how the program looked like and works, executed from Command Prompt, in animated GIF:


After the program finished running, an output text file will be created within the program base folder and if you open the text file, this is how it looked like; a list of accessible directories within the target directory.

Example (opened using Notepad2-mod app):

Output file

Source Code and Downloads

The source code is available on my GitHub repository and compiled using Visual Studio 2015 Community. The source code is released under MIT license. The latest binary package can be download from the release page.