Dotfuscated Checker

Dotfuscated Checker is a simple GUI tool I created with .NET C# and WPF to easily check if the required assemblies from the software build are obfuscated and digitally signed before they can be deployed for a production release. This tool may help Software Quality Assurance Engineers who work with .NET based projects to check for obfuscation at a glance. Other than obfuscation, you can check for digital signing too - no need to manually check File Properties for each of the assemblies.

NOTE: This tool is only tested to work with .NET based assemblies which are being obfuscated using Dotfuscator software. What this tool does is quite simple; loading the assemblies, check for the present of Dotfuscator attribute in each of the assemblies and check for digital signing too.

Screenshot (v1.0)

Dotfuscated Checker v1.0


Dotfuscated Checker v1.0 (ZIP, 1.46 MB)

Minimum prerequisite: .NET Framework 4.6.1