SRT SubShifter

Whenever I am looking for subtitles file, sometimes I get the one that never sync well with the movie file I want to watch on my home TV. After I verify the subtitles with the movie, I have to go a particular website to resync the subtitles by adjusting the time shift. Well, I can use a Python script or other script to locally resync the subtitles file, but I think I would prefer to use a simple GUI program to do that, faster and easier for me.

So, I created this simple program called SRT SubShifter in .NET C# using WPF code-behind to easily resync the subtitles file.

Screenshot (v0.1)

SRT SubShifter v0.1

Source code and download

You may download the compiled version here to give a try or if you are interested into source code, you can grab it here. It’s on my GitHub and licensed under MIT license. Any problem or question, you can report an issue here.