Elevation Peaks in Malaysia

A few years ago, I created a simple web project using Google Map API. It is a map that shows some of the recorded elevation peaks in Malaysia. Those elevation peak data contain the peak name, GPS coordinates, elevation profile in meter and remark or short description of the peak. Currently, the data are recorded in JSON format and static. The data that I had not really much as I don’t hike as much as other hikers here did. Plus, some of the data are gathered from the Internet itself.


The data are hosted on GitHub under the filename called data.json and below is an example of the data format in JSON:

  "lat": 5.787534,
  "lng": 100.433707,
  "title": "Gunung Jerai",
  "remark": "-",
  "elevation": 1217

VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION WANTED! If anyone who likes to contribute to make those data better, the contribution is encouraged and really appreciated. Feel free to make a pull request to the repo on GitHub.


Here’s the project demo in the embedded CodePen:

See the Pen Elevation Peaks in Malaysia by Heiswayi Nrird (@heiswayi) on CodePen.

Alternatively, you can click here for fullscreen view in your web browser.