A few months ago, in my spare time, I created the Inhouse Camguard app to experiment with some AForge libraries using C# and WPF. The AForge.NET Framework is easy to use, and I can create many great applications with it. The purpose of this app is to automatically detect motion in a video feed from a webcam and plot a continuous graph showing the sensitivity of that motion. The app can also perform data logging and capture a static image of the video when the motion sensitivity reaches a certain threshold.

Source Code on GitHub


Inhouse Camguard 1.0
Inhouse Camguard 1.0


  • Contains 2 types of motion detection algorithms.
  • Contains 4 types of motion processing algorithms.
  • Able to display motion history overlay chart at the bottom of live video feed.
  • Able to access to Local Video Capture Settings and Crossbar Video Settings tool.
  • Can display histogram (luminosity, red, green, blue) of the current video feed.
  • Can display motion sensitivity graph plotting.
  • Can do data logging with few options available.
  • Has trigger settings with certain options to capture the image.