Inhouse Camguard

Few months ago, I built Inhouse Camguard in my spare time to experiment with some AForge libraries using C# and WPF. AForge.NET Framework is easy to use and we can do many great applications with it. Other than just detecting motion in the live video feed, Inhouse Camguard also can plot a continuous graph showing the sensivity of the motion from the camera source, do data logging with some options and capture the image based on trigger threshold.

Image: Inhouse Camguard 1.0
Inhouse Camguard 1.0

Application features

  • 2 type of motion detection algorithms
  • 4 type of motion processing algorithms
  • display motion history overlay chart at the bottom of live video feed
  • access to Local Video Capture Settings and Crossbar Video Settings tool
  • display histogram (luminosity, red, green, blue) of the current video feed
  • display motion sensitivity graph plotting
  • data logging with some options
  • trigger settings with option to capture the image

Source code & download

Download precompiled binary Get source code