Designing my own minimalist Jekyll themes

Jekyll theme is a template for the best static site generator called Jekyll, which is written in Ruby by Tom Preston-Werner, GitHub’s co-founder. Jekyll is designed for building minimal, static blogs which you can easily host it with free using GitHub Pages. Few years ago I was using a self-hosted WordPress for my blog, but due to I have been blogging occasionally, I have moved to Jekyll which suits me better. Of course, you might need some geeky knowledge about it before you can set up your Jekyll site, but it’s not hard to learn to set up the Jekyll site. As I keep customizing and designing my Jekyll site, I have made few minimalist Jekyll themes myself, and published them as open source projects. Here they are…

1. The Plain (2015)

Uncaptioned image

The Plain is a minimalist Jekyll theme, ideally designed for your personal blog use.

2. Thinkspace (2016)

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Thinkspace is just another minimalist Jekyll theme which designed for technical writing blog.

3. TextLog (2017)

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Textlog is a minimalist, lefty-style Jekyll theme designed for documentation based blog.