Creating a minimalist Messaging Service in Angular
Another method of intercomponent communication to minimize the number of event subscriptions in Angular components.—2020.12.28
Angular TypeScript Best Practices Programming
Service subscription in Angular using ReplaySubject(1) and takeUntil pipe
Tips on how to do proper service subscription in Angular component using ReplaySubject(1) and takeUntil pipe.—2020.10.07
Angular TypeScript Best Practices Programming
Containerized LAMP stack deployment with nginx
This is how I configure my EC2 instance to work with multiple DNS and proxify the traffic through nginx to respective services that are running in Docker containers.—2020.09.17
nginx Cloud Computing EC2 Docker DNS
Single Sign-On (SSO) with Keycloak
Keycloak is an open source Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for web apps and RESTful web services.—2020.09.13
Keycloak User Authentication Open Source
Notes on learning Computer Security
This is an opinionated guide to learning about computer security (independently of a university or training program), starting with the absolute basics (suitable for someone without any exposure to or knowledge of computer security) and moving into progressively more difficult subject matter.—2020.06.25
Computer Security Notes
What makes a great Software Engineer
Engineering values that make a software engineer becomes a great one.—2020.06.24
Software Engineering Engineering Values
Angular Best Practices
A collection of some Angular best practices that I have been using while working with Angular-based projects.—2020.06.19
Angular TypeScript Best Practices
Inspiration — Growing Old
A sweet and inspiring comic dedicated to my beloved daughter, Mawar Allyssa about the feeling that I had when I'm growing old.—2019.12.21
Inspiration Poem
Inspiration — 100-day Illustration Arts
An inspiring collection of open source illustrations kit by Vijay Verma.—2019.12.03
Inspiration Illustration Arts
Commonly used git commands cheatsheet
This is a simple collection of git commands that I have been using for most of the time.—2019.11.16
Git Cheatsheet Software Engineering
Defining essential colors for harmony design
A good color set to get started with new design project that can work better for both in light and dark theme.—2019.11.13
Tips to write a better code
I have been using this mental model to improve how I do coding and writing better code.—2019.11.09
Best Practices Software Engineering Coding Tips
Project/ Inhouse Camguard
A simple .NET GUI application based on AForge libraries to analyze motion, capture image and perform data logging from a live webcam feed.—2019.08.24
C# WPF Project
How to create WPF Cascaded ComboBox in MVVM
A simple .NET C# tutorial for creating WPF Cascaded ComboBox using MVVM design pattern.—2018.08.19
C# WPF MVVM Programming
Image caption implementation in Jekyll site using Liquid syntax
This is how I implemented a better way to insert captioned images in my blog site using the Liquid syntax.—2018.07.13
Jekyll Liquid Programming
Custom listing webpages for my repositories and snippets using GitHub API
These are my custom listing webpages that I created for my GitHub repositories and snippets using GitHub API.—2018.07.09
JavaScript GitHub API Open Source
How to modify file content with InstallScript using deferred custom action
This is how I dynamically modify the file content by using deferred custom action with InstallScript to do a find-and-replace of a string during installation time in InstallShield Basic MSI.—2018.06.05
InstallShield InstallScript Windows Installer Programming
Learn to create a simple MSI setup with WiX Toolset
This is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to write XML script to create a simple MSI setup with WiX Toolset.—2018.06.02
WiX Toolset Windows Installer Programming
Installer bootstrapping with Burn (WiX bootstrapper)
This is how I created my custom bootstrapper and bootstrapping my MSI setup installer using a WiX bootstrapper known as Burn.—2018.05.29
WiX Toolset Windows Installer Programming
What is WiX Toolset & how to use it
This is how I created a basic MSI setup for my app installer using WiX Toolset.—2018.05.27
WiX Toolset Windows Installer Programming
What is Inno Setup & how to use it
Inno Setup is a free script-driven installation system software for creating Windows application installer that surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability.—2018.05.23
Inno Setup Pascal Windows Installer Programming
Send email notification using PowerShell script
Automate your task on sending email notification in Windows system using PowerShell script and Windows SMTP Client.—2017.03.14
PowerShell Programming
Creating a simple Equipment Tracking app in PHP
This is how I created a simple CRUD-based web app for internal equipment tracking using PHP, AJAX and DataTables.—2017.03.04
PHP CRUD AJAX DataTables jQuery JavaScript Programming
Project/ SerialLog
A lightweight console app built in .NET C# to log serial data received from a serial data communication protocol.—2017.02.17
C# SerialPort Project Open Source
Experimenting with Google Charts Timeline
Creating my responsive daily routine timeline using Google Charts with just few lines of HTML and JavaScript code.—2017.02.13
Google Charts JavaScript Programming
Commonly used PHP code snippets
A compilation of (some) commonly used PHP code snippets that I have been using for years in my PHP projects.—2017.02.11
PHP Programming
Adding line numbering in the code block using vanilla JS
This is how I added a line numbering in my code block by using a few lines of vanilla JavaScript and some SCSS for styling.—2017.02.05
Jekyll SCSS JavaScript Programming
Getting plaintext Windows passwords on unlocked PC
A simple how-to article demonstrating existing vulnerability that makes your Windows passwords are hackable.—2016.12.29
Windows Password Vulnerability
Project/ Asynchronous PowerShell Scripter (WPF Version)
Just another PowerShell scripter tool written in .NET C# and WPF to manage, run and learn PowerShell scripting.—2016.12.29
C# WPF PowerShell Project Open Source
Simple logger utility class in .NET
Just another simple logger utility class that I wrote for my own use in some of my .NET projects.—2016.12.26
C# Utility Programming
Project/ Mini App Killer
A simple utility program to kill any running application or process on Windows.—2016.12.25
C# WPF Project Programming
Project/ Directory Crawler
A simple command-line utility program to crawl all accessible directories recursively within a target directory.—2016.12.22
C# Utility Project Open Source
Serial port reader script in PowerShell
A simple and complete PowerShell script for reading serial data from a Serial Port and export it into a file.—2016.12.21
Programming PowerShell SerialPort Scripting
Project/ Indoor Temperature Monitor
A simple DIY project based on Arduino, a .NET app used to record and monitor indoor temperature.—2016.12.18
C# SerialPort Oxyplot Arduino Project Open Source Programming
Singleton serial port manager class in .NET
A snippet of singleton class written in .NET C# for handling serial data communication.—2016.12.17
Programming C# SerialPort
XML serialization & deserialization helper class in .NET
XmlHelper class is part of C# utilities for XML data serialization and deserialization that I wrote to be used in my .NET projects.—2016.12.06
Programming C# Utility
Learn about Lambda Expression, Delegate, Predicate and Closure in .NET
Let's learn how to use lambda expression, delegate, predicate and closure in .NET C# code.—2016.11.27
C# Programming
MVVM common classes in a single file
A collection of MVVM common classes in a single file.—2016.06.05
MVVM C# Programming
Multithreading programming in .NET
Demonstrating multithreading programming available in .NET System.Threading.—2016.05.05
C# Multithreading Programming
How to create a Lazy-based singleton class in .NET
Convert your C# class to become a singleton pattern based on System.Lazy—2016.05.05
Singleton C# Programming
What you need to know about PHP native password hashing API
Starting PHP version 5.5 onwards, password hashing in PHP applications would be easier as the new native password hashing functions have been introduced.—2015.10.01
PHP Password Programming
Encryption & decryption in PHP
Building a secure function to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data in PHP.—2015.08.17
Programming PHP Encryption Decryption
A little piece of advice to remind... you and my future self.—2015.08.01
Poetry Inspiration