A collection of my selective works and Open Source projects. Check me out on GitHub for more other projects or Gist for my public snippets.

Minimalist Jekyll Themes

Jekyll is a popular static site generator written in Ruby. Over the past years, I created some of minimalist Jekyll themes and published them as OSS. Similarly to this site which is built using Jekyll too.

The PlainOne-column, center-aligned style Jekyll theme, ideally designed for personal blogging.
GitHub · Demo
ThinkspaceOne-column, center-aligned style Jekyll theme, ideally designed for technical writing style blog.
GitHub · Demo
TextLogOne-column, left-aligned style Jekyll theme. No site menu in post layout.
GitHub · Demo
BareboneThe most barebone Jekyll theme. No Sass/SCSS file. Almost pure HTML.
GitHub · Demo

Web Apps based on JS

PGP SuiteA simple and easy-to-use client-side PGP tool to generate, sign and verify PGP keys.
Markdown-HTML Live Preview EditorJust another simple Markdown-HTML preview online editor based on GitHub-flavored Markdown.

AI Chatbot Experimental

W4Y1AI chatbot experimental based on elizabot.js.
HelloBotAI chatbot experimental based on RiveScript.

PHP Apps

hn-pastebinA minimalist, secure and encrypted pastebin app.
hn-speedtestA minimalist, mobile-friendly speedtest site using my server location.
hn-writerA browser-based WYSIWYG editor for online documentation writing.
hn-whoisA minimalist domain whois script.
hn-linkA minimalist URL shortening script.
hn-imagehostingA minimalist and personal image hosting script.
QR Code GeneratorA simple QR code generator API script.


Website ChecklistInteractive checklist for web developer that uses your browser localStorage to save the checklist data.
Code PlaygroundFormatting any code snippet using Monaco Editor.
Simple ToolsA collection of simple web tools created for personal use.
Mawar Allyssa’s Keyboard SmashingA simple app for my toddler that generates random shapes, alphabets and colors when pressing the keyboard.
Bullet JournalA TODO-like app that uses your browser localStorage to save the data.
Quotes for Inspiration and LoveA selective collection of inspirational quotes.

Nostalgic Archives

mIRC is an Internet Relay Chat client for Windows, created in 1995. It is a fully functional chat utility, and its integrated scripting language makes it extensible and versatile. mIRC has been described as “one of the most popular IRC clients available for Windows”.

Dino IRC Sc. (Final Dev.).zipmIRC Script, made in circa 2004-2007 featuring casual use, channel & self protections, a set of utilities, etc.
Nikotin3.zipmIRC Script, made in circa 2004-2007 featuring War/Revenge.
WarLord.zipmIRC Script, made in circa 2004-2007 featuring War/Revenge.
Yahoo! Group Archives 2005A backup of my mIRC-related stuff (e.g. war scripts, code snippets).