Minimalist Jekyll Templates

Jekyll is a popular static site generator written in Ruby. I have been using Jekyll for this site since 2015. In the meantime, I did created some of minimalist Jekyll templates on my own and published them on GitHub.

The Plain
Center aligned. Single column layout. Ideal for personal blogging purpose. Made in 2015.
License: MIT
Center aligned. Single column layout. Ideal for technical writing style blog. Made in 2016.
License: MIT
Left aligned. Single column layout. No site menu in post layout. Ideal for logging notes or technical documentations. Made in 2017.
License: MIT
The most barebone Jekyll theme. No Sass/SCSS file. Run with almost pure HTML. Made in 2020.
License: MIT

PHP Scripts

There are some mini projects or services that I developed using PHP scripts and use them personally.

Whois Script
The most f- simple whois script that I used to do whois on a domain.
Link - URL Shortening Service
Sometimes I just need a short link that can wrap a long URL for me to share it around.
imgh - Image Hosting Service
A service that allows me to easily upload and share an image file or use it to embed into some code.
A very simple service that I can dump some texts and share it to someone. And forget it.
hn-pastebin - Secure & Encrypted
Like any other pastebin service, secured by design (zero-knowledge on its data) and I trust things that are running on my server.
Writing Tool
It is like an online notepad, with a rich text editing using TinyMCE Editor.
Internet Speedtest
A simple speedtest service that I used to measure my Internet speed to my server location.

Misc. Stuffs

Todo (Bullet Journal)
A simple bullet journal that I created and used on my daily basis. It's a simple HTML/JS app that saves your data into your own browser's Local Storage.
PGP Suite
Just another browser-based or client-side PGP tool to create, sign, validate and encrypt/decrypt the PGP message.
A simple personal kanban board that I used for my quick wall ideas. It's a simple HTML/JS app that uses the browser's Local Storage to save the data.