This page contains a collection of links to my projects, page shortcuts, source code repos and working demos. These projects are part of my spare time projects that made available online. Most of the projects have been done for fun and learning. Some projects may be published as Open Source, while some others may be used for personal purposes.

  • Inhouse Camguard
    A simple .NET GUI application based on AForge libraries to analyze motion, capture image and perform data logging from a live webcam feed.
  • Elevation Peaks in Malaysia
    A simple web demo created using Google Map API to pinpoint all available hiking peaks in Malaysia.
  • Dotfuscated Checker
    Simple GUI tool built in .NET C# and WPF to check for obfuscated assemblies by Dotfuscator software and digital signing at a glance.
  • SRT SubShifter
    Simple .NET GUI tool to resync subtitles file (.SRT).
  • SerialLog
    Lightweight console app built in .NET C# to log serial data received from a serial data communication protocol.
  • Another EXIF Reader
    Simple GUI tool to extract the image metadata called EXIF data.
  • Asynchronous PowerShell Scripter
    Just another PowerShell scripter tool written in .NET C# and WPF to simply manages the PowerShell scripts, or to run the script asynchronously and also as a tool to learn PowerShell programming.
  • Mini App Killer
    Simple utility program to kill any running application or process on Windows.
  • Directory Crawler
    Simple command-line utility program to crawl all accessible directories recursively within a target directory and outputs the results into a text file.
  • Indoor Temperature Monitor
    Simple DIY project built using Arduino board and .NET application for indoor temperature monitoring and logging.

Minimalist static site templates for Jekyll

  • The Plain (2015)
    Centered one-column display, ideal for a personal blog.
  • Thinkspace (2016)
    Centered one-column display, nerdy typeface, ideal for something like technical blog or documentation.
  • TextLog (2017)
    Left-aligned one-column display, ideal for documentation-styled blog.
  • HN Barebone (2020)
    Heiswayi Nrird's Barebone Jekyll Theme.

Onepage-styled listing sites for my stuffs on GitHub

Client-side web-based apps

Experimental AI projects demo

  • W4Y1
    Experimental AI chatbot for digitalizing my memories.
  • HelloBot
    Just another AI Chatbot.

Web tools (PHP)

  • XNote
    Minimalist, secure and encrypted pastebin app for personal use purpose.
  • Speedtest
    Minimalist speedtest site. No ads & mobile friendly!
  • Write
    A browser-based document writer featuring WYSIWYG HTML Editor from TinyMCE.
  • Whois Script
    Simple domain whois script.

Misc. stuffs