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  • Dotfuscated Checker — A simple GUI tool made in .NET C# and WPF to simply check for obfuscated assemblies by Dotfuscator software and digital signing at a glance.
  • SRT SubShifter — Simple .NET tool to resync subtitles file (.SRT).
  • Creating a minimalist web-based writing tool — Document Writer is a minimalist web-based writing tool to easily write document using web browser and save it as a plain text, HTML or markdown format file.
  • My Free Minimalist Jekyll Themes — Collection of my minimalist Jekyll themes from 2015 - 2017, available for free and open source.
  • SerialLog - a simple serial data logger console application — A lightweight console application built in .NET C# to log serial data received from a serial data communication protocol.
  • Another EXIF Reader — A simple GUI tool to simply extract the image metadata called EXIF data.
  • Asynchronous PowerShell Scripter — Just another PowerShell scripter tool built in .NET C# and WPF to simply manages the PowerShell scripts, or to run the script asynchronously and also a basic tool to learn PowerShell programming.
  • Mini App Killer — A simple utility program to kill any running application or process.
  • Directory Crawler — A simple command-line program to crawl all accessible directories recursively within a target directory and outputs the results into a text file.
  • Indoor Temperature Monitor — A simple DIY project made using Arduino board and .NET application for indoor temperatures monitoring and logging.

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  • PGP Key Generator — Safer and easy-to-use client-side PGP keys generator.
  • Spelling: UK vs US — A comprehensive* list of British vs. American spelling differences.
  • Math Console — A basic Mathematical-powered console to evaluate basic arithmetic operations, common math functions and also to convert a math unit to another. Some constants are supported too.
  • Color Contrast Checker — A simple color tool to evaluate and check your color contrast ratios between foreground and background colors.
  • EncryptJS — A JavaScript library for encrypting message and embed it as HTML code into your web content.
  • W4Y1 — My personal experimental AI chatbot for self reflection.
  • Random Name Picker — Simple HTML tool to randomly pick a name from a list I once made to use for indoor events.
  • Markdown-HTML Live Preview Editor — A very simple markdown-to-HTML live preview editor made in JavaScript vanilla.
  • HelloBot — Just another AI Chatbot from Heiswayi Nrird

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  • Website Checklist — Checklist for starting a website.
  • Encrypto Zero — Just another minimalist, secure and encrypted pastebin app for personal use purpose.
  • Document Writer — A minimalist web-based writing tool to write document using web browser.