N.B. All of these projects have been done in my spare time and mostly I did it for fun and learning. Some of the projects below have been published as the Open Source project, and some others may be used for my personal purpose.

  • Elevation Peaks in Malaysia
    Simple web project demo using Google Map API and JSON data to show some of the recorded elevation peaks in Malaysia.
  • Dotfuscated Checker
    Simple GUI tool built in .NET C# and WPF to check for obfuscated assemblies by Dotfuscator software and digital signing at a glance.
  • SRT SubShifter
    Simple .NET tool to resync subtitles file (.SRT).
  • SerialLog
    Lightweight console app built in .NET C# to log serial data received from a serial data communication protocol.
  • Another EXIF Reader
    Simple GUI tool to extract the image metadata called EXIF data.
  • Asynchronous PowerShell Scripter
    Just another PowerShell scripter tool written in .NET C# and WPF to simply manages the PowerShell scripts, or to run the script asynchronously and also as a tool to learn PowerShell programming.
  • Mini App Killer
    Simple utility program to kill any running application or process on Windows.
  • Directory Crawler
    Simple command-line utility program to crawl all accessible directories recursively within a target directory and outputs the results into a text file.
  • Indoor Temperature Monitor
    Simple DIY project built using Arduino board and .NET application for indoor temperature monitoring and logging.

Jekyll themes

Listing sites for my stuffs on GitHub

HTML-based apps

Experimental AI projects

  • W4Y1
    Experimental AI chatbot for digitalizing my memories.
  • HelloBot
    Just another AI Chatbot.

Web tools

  • XNote
    Minimalist, secure and encrypted pastebin app for personal use purpose.
  • Speedtest
    Minimalist speedtest site. No ads & mobile friendly!
  • Write
    A browser-based document writer featuring WYSIWYG HTML Editor from TinyMCE.
  • Whois Script
    Simple domain whois script.

Misc. stuffs