Minimalist Jekyll Templates

Jekyll is a popular static site generator written in Ruby. I have been using Jekyll for this site since 2015. In the meantime, I created some of minimalist Jekyll templates on my own and published them on GitHub.

The Plain
Center aligned. Single column layout. Ideal for personal blogging purpose. Made in 2015.
License: MIT
Center aligned. Single column layout. Ideal for technical writing style blog. Made in 2016.
License: MIT
Left aligned. Single column layout. No site menu in post layout. Ideal for logging notes or technical documentations. Made in 2017.
License: MIT
The most barebone Jekyll theme. No Sass/SCSS file. Run with almost pure HTML. Made in 2020.
License: MIT

PHP Scripts

There are some mini projects or services that I developed using PHP scripts and use them personally.

Whois Script
The most f- simple whois script that I used to do whois on a domain.
Link - URL Shortening Service
Sometimes I just need a short link that can wrap a long URL for me to share it around.
imgh - Image Hosting Service
A service that allows me to easily upload and share an image file or use it to embed into some code.
A very simple service that I can dump some texts and share it to someone. And forget it.
hn-pastebin - Secure & Encrypted
Like any other pastebin service, secured by design (zero-knowledge on its data) and I trust things that are running on my server.
Writing Tool
It is like an online notepad, with a rich text editing using TinyMCE Editor.
Internet Speedtest
A simple speedtest service that I used to measure my Internet speed to my server location.

Misc. Stuffs

Todo (Bullet Journal)
A simple bullet journal that I created and used on my daily basis. It's a simple HTML/JS app that saves your data into your own browser's Local Storage.
PGP Suite
Just another browser-based or client-side PGP tool to create, sign, validate and encrypt/decrypt the PGP message.
A simple personal kanban board that I used for my quick wall ideas. It's a simple HTML/JS app that uses the browser's Local Storage to save the data.