GitHub API

Hosted on GitHub

  • PGP Key Generator - Safer and easy-to-use client-side PGP key generator.
  • Spelling: UK vs US - A comprehensive* list of British and American spelling differences.
  • Math Console - A Mathematical-powered console to evaluate basic arithmetic operations, common math functions and also to convert a math unit to another. Some constants are supported too.
  • Color Contrast Checker - A simple tool to evaluate and check your color contrast between foreground and background colors.
  • EncryptJS - A JavaScript library for encrypting message and embed it as HTML code into your web content.
  • Live Preview Markdown Editor - Sandbox for writing in Markdown with live preview.
  • W4Y1 - Personal AI chatbot.
  • Random Name Picker - Simple HTML tool to randomly pick a name from a list. Useful for indoor/party use.