QR Code Generator

This is a simple QR Code generator API that you can simply use.

API URL: https://x.nrird.com/qrcode/


dataData to encode.
Example: https://heiswayi.nrird.com/qrcode
sizeImage dimension; width × height in pixels. (Optional)
Default is 200x200.
Example: 300x300
logoLogo image URL. (Optional)
Default is empty.
Example: https://x.nrird.com/cube.png


Usage Example 1

<img src="https://x.nrird.com/qrcode/?data=https://heiswayi.nrird.com/qrcode&size=200x200">

Example 1

<img src="https://x.nrird.com/qrcode/?data=https://heiswayi.nrird.com/qrcode&size=200x200&logo=https://x.nrird.com/sale.png">

Example 2