Heiswayi Nrird's Resume


Expert Software Developer dedicated to constantly improve tools and infrastructure to maximize productivity, minimize system downtime and quickly respond to the changing needs of the business. Highly dependable Software Engineer and enthusiastic team player, dedicated to the streamlining processes and efficiently resolving project issues. At the same time, dedicated to delivering the best user experience (UX) into the software frontend design.

Work Experience

Software Engineer
Keysight Technologies
Dec 2017 Present
3 years and counting
  • Maintaining customers' happiness with the existing software products while bringing new solutions to the customers' business success factors.
  • Improving the software build system and DevOps practices.
  • Working on new technology stack for both frontend and backend software development.
  • Working on microservices deployment and application containerization.
  • Working on UI/UX design.

Programming/frameworks/tools that I used:

  • C#, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, PowerShell
  • WPF, ASP.NET Core 3.1, NodeJS
  • Angular
  • Team Foundation Build, Jenkins
  • Linux (RHEL/CentOS), Docker, Amazon Web Services

Released products that I involved:

  • Keysight 14585A Control and Analysis Software App (2.4, 2.5)
  • Keysight BenchVue Power Supply App (2018.1)
  • Keysight BenchVue Advanced Power Control and Analysis App (2019).

My other notable achievements:

  • As part of the team that successfully closed a deal worth 360k USD in Power Supply with Italian customers [2019].
  • Hold 2 Intellectual Property (IP) under Commercialization in 2019.
  • 4 IP submissions in total.
Web Development & Global IT Manager
ITD World (HQ)
Sep 2017 Nov 2017
3 months

ITD World is the global talent and leadership development expert that delivers training, action learning, coaching, mentoring, consulting, competency certification, and seminars.

  • Helped the company to improve the existing business support system.
  • Fixed and improved the security of existing web apps.
  • Provided consultation and IT supports to all ITD World centers (e.g. ITD Bangkok, ITD Vietnam, and ITD Philippines).
  • Managed the whole IT organization in ITD.
  • Developed a web-based app that served as a platform to create and host a 360-degree Leadership Feedback Tool and provide live reports with an automated email system.

Apps that I developed:

  • e-Assessment System 2.0
Build And Release Engineer
Keysight Technologies
Feb 2017 Aug 2017
7 months

To ensure the software is built successfully, tested, well packaged, and delivered right on time by automation.

  • Managed and improved the software build process by developing and introducing more tools that helped to maximize the build automation.
  • Implemented automated software obfuscation, installation package creation, and continuous quality measurement metrics.
  • Wrote some scripts to automate the whole workflow and processes to ensure a fully working CI which included mobile apps development.
  • Promoted the DevOps practices among the team members.

Programming/frameworks/tools that I used:

  • C#, PowerShell, Batch, Bash, Python
  • Team Foundation Build, Jenkins

Released products that I involved:

  • Keysight BenchVue USB Modular Apps (FunctionGen, SMU, Scope, DAQ, DMM)
  • Keysight BenchVue DAQ App
  • Keysight/Agilent VEE App
  • Keysight Mobile Meter Logger Apps (Android, iOS)
Software Engineer
Keysight Technologies
Jan 2015 Jan 2017
2 years 1 month

Keysight Technologies is a US company that manufactures electronics test and measurement equipment and software.

  • Developed .NET based desktop apps that shipped together with the hardware products.
  • Provided systematic post support on the existing apps for bug fixing and new feature requests.

Programming/frameworks/tools that I used:

  • C#
  • WPF

Released products that I involved:

  • Keysight Handheld LCR Meter App
  • Keysight TrueIR Thermal Imager App
  • Keysight BenchVue USB Modular Apps (FunctionGen, SMU, Scope, DAQ, DMM)
Application Engineer
IME Technology (Penang) Sdn. Bhd.
Oct 2013 Dec 2014
1 year 3 months

IME Technology is a member of IME Group of companies specialized in 3D CAD Design, CAM (Machining) and CAE (FEA Simulation).

  • Conducted SolidWorks CAD training for CAD designers and engineers.
  • Product Owner for SolidWorks Electrical and EPDM.
  • Helped customers to maximize the efficiency of defining electrical interconnections for complex electrical systems and how they could leverage the software to control and manage their data such as design files, BOMs, and documents effectively and securely.
  • Developed the company's first SolidWorks add-in program known as IME InterX. Through this add-in, we provided our customers with some utilities that could increase their engineer's productivity and reduce the design time.
  • Developed in-house .NET based apps to automate in-house tasks for our trainers and engineers.
  • Developed web-based apps for internal use such as IME Training Evaluation System.
  • Helped to consult IT/marketing on improving the company visibility on the Internet such as web search engine optimization.

Apps that I developed:

  • IME InterX - a SolidWorks add-in.
  • IME Training Evaluation System

Programming/frameworks/tools that I used:

  • C#, VB.NET, PHP
  • WinForms, WPF
  • Bootstrap Framework

Professional and specialist certifications that I had:

  • SolidWorks Professional - Mechanical Design (C-86Q9BMJRYG)
  • SolidWorks Specialist - Data Management Advanced (C-3YRAL7YG3V)
  • SolidWorks Specialist - Mechanical Design 2014 (C-JCWD34JN7W)
  • SolidWorks Specialist - Mechanical Design 2014 (C-Z6T2F654NN)
  • SolidWorks Specialist - Data Management 2015 (C-SHCC6277DN)
  • SolidWorks Specialist - Data Management 2015 (C-DBFQQUY6MH)
  • SolidWorks Specialist - Electrical 2014 (C-RRZG6S324Z)
Application Developer
Collaborative Microelectronic Design Excellence Centre (CEDEC), Universiti Sains Malaysia
Jun 2013 Sep 2013
4 months

After finished my study, I continued working temporarily at the center as a contract application developer.

  • Focused on extending the app features.

Apps that I developed:

  • xLogger
  • Device Indicator for Environment Monitoring Device (EMD) Data Logger

Programming/frameworks/tools that I used:

  • C#
  • WinForms, Office Interop API
  • Google Map API
Application Developer
Collaborative Microelectronic Design Excellence Centre (CEDEC), Universiti Sains Malaysia
Jun 2012 Aug 2012
3 months

CEDEC is a microelectronic research centre of USM devoted to conduct, support and encourage Integrated Circuit (IC) design activities in Malaysia.

  • 3-month internship program.
  • Developed .NET based desktop apps.
  • Focused on GUI, data acquisition and analysis software.
  • Developed software tools for Master/PhD students.

Apps that I developed:

  • Environment Monitoring Device (EMD) Data Logger
  • Equipment Control GUI Program for Test & Measurement

Programming/frameworks/tools that I used:

  • C#, C++
  • WinForms, Office Interop API
  • WinCE

My other notable achievements:

  • Participated in Intel Cup 2012 (Embedded System Design Contest) Shanghai, China. Won 2nd prize.
  • Developed "Sign Language Translator System for Deaf-mute Person" app for the Intel Cup 2012.


Universiti Sains Malaysia
Bachelor’s Degree (Honours), Electronics Engineering · (2009 - 2013)


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • SolidWorks Certified Professional - Mechanical Design · C-86Q9BMJRYG
  • SolidWorks Certified Specialist - Data Management Advanced · C-3YRAL7YG3V

Technical Skills & Programming


.NET .NET Core WPF NodeJS Angular AWS Jenkins TFS Laravel Xamarin Kotlin Docker Sass Bootstrap Tailwind CSS Foundation Semantic UI Jekyll MkDocs Hugo Hexo 11ty Material Design Primer CSS WordPress


C C# C++ TypeScript HTML/CSS JavaScript Python Bash Shell PowerShell PHP Liquid Pascal SQL Java Assembly VBA
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