Inhouse Camguard
A simple .NET GUI application based on AForge libraries to analyze motion, capture image and perform data logging from a live webcam feed.—2019.08.24
C# WPF Project
A lightweight console app built in .NET C# to log serial data received from a serial data communication protocol.—2017.02.17
C# SerialPort Project Open Source
Asynchronous PowerShell Scripter (WPF Version)
Just another PowerShell scripter tool written in .NET C# and WPF to manage, run and learn PowerShell scripting.—2016.12.29
C# WPF PowerShell Project Open Source
Mini App Killer
A simple utility program to kill any running application or process on Windows.—2016.12.25
C# WPF Project Programming
Directory Crawler
A simple command-line utility program to crawl all accessible directories recursively within a target directory.—2016.12.22
C# Utility Project Open Source
Indoor Temperature Monitor
A simple DIY project based on Arduino, a .NET app used to record and monitor indoor temperature.—2016.12.18
C# SerialPort Oxyplot Arduino Project Open Source Programming