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Learning · Programming · Simplifying
22·12·07 Avoiding procrastination at work as a software engineer
20·12·28 Creating a simple Event Bus in Angular
20·09·17 Containerized LAMP stack deployment with Nginx
20·09·13 SSO with Keycloak
20·06·24 What makes a great software engineer
19·12·03 My Favorite 100-day Illustration Arts
19·11·16 Commonly used git commands cheatsheet
19·11·13 Color palette for harmony design
19·11·09 On coding
19·08·24 Proj/AppInhouse Camguard
18·08·19 How to create WPF cascaded combobox in MVVM
18·07·13 Image caption implementation in Jekyll site using Liquid syntax
18·06·05 How to modify file content with InstallScript using deferred custom action
18·06·02 Learn to create a simple MSI setup with WiX Toolset
18·05·29 Installer bootstrapping with Burn
18·05·27 Creating a basic MSI-based installer using WiX Toolset
18·05·23 Creating a Windows app installer using Inno Setup
17·03·14 Send email notification using PowerShell script
17·03·04 Creating a simple Equipment Tracking app in PHP
17·02·17 Proj/AppSerialLog
17·02·11 Commonly used PHP code snippets
16·12·29 Proj/AppAsynchronous PowerShell Scripter (WPF Version)
16·12·26 Simple logger utility class in .NET
16·12·22 Proj/AppDirectory Crawler
16·12·21 Serial port reader script in PowerShell
16·12·17 Singleton serial port manager class in .NET
16·05·05 Multithreading programming benchmarks in .NET
15·10·01 How to use PHP native password hashing API
15·08·17 Encryption and decryption in PHP
15·08·01 00:00