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I'm Heiswayi Nrird. I do some stuffs with computer and sometimes write about it here. I'm a Software Engineer and I ship code at Keysight Technologies.

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Engineering/Technical Notes

Be a Good Programmer
Windows password vulnerability: Hackable in 5 minutes
Get started with Jekyll using Chocolatey
Manually install Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows (WAMP)


Creating WPF Cascaded ComboBox In MVVM
Image caption implementation in Jekyll site using Liquid syntax
Listing sites for GitHub Repositories and GitHub Gists
Modify file content with InstallScript using deferred custom action
Step-by-step to create a simpler MSI setup with WiX Toolset
Installer bootstrapping with Burn - a WiX bootstrapper
Get started with WiX Toolset
Get started with Inno Setup
AI chatbot app development using RiveScript
Designing my own minimalist Jekyll themes
Send email notification using PowerShell script
Creating a simple Equipment Tracking web app in PHP
Experiment with Google Charts - Timeline
Commonly used PHP code snippets
Generating code block line numbers with pure JavaScript
Writing a simple logger utility class in .NET
Writing a Serial Port reader in PowerShell
SerialPortManager class
Simple XML serialization and deserialization helper class in .NET
Lambda Expression, Delegate, Predicate and Closure in .NET
C# programming common practices
Writing a simple singleton pattern class using .NET 4's Lazy type
Understanding multithreading vs single threading programming in .NET System.Threading
Creating my own substitution cipher app in .NET
Using PHP native password hashing API
PHP - Encryption and decryption function
When I tried to build AI chatbot app

Projects, or see all

Elevation Peaks in Malaysia
Dotfuscated Checker
SRT SubShifter
Document Writer
Another EXIF Reader
Asynchronous PowerShell Scripter
Mini App Killer
Directory Crawler
Indoor Temperature Monitor