Provided solution shows how to use deferred custom action to do a find-and-replace of particular string in a file during installation time using InstallShield Basic MSI.
This is a how-to tutorial to create a simpler MSI setup using WiX toolset.
Here's how I create a custom bootstrapper (setup.exe) for my MSI installer using Windows Installler (WiX) Burn. Full example source code provided.
Here's how I create a basic MSI installer for my application using Windows Installler XML (WiX) Toolset. Full example source code provided.
Inno Setup is the best FREE open source alternative, non-MSI and script-driven installation system software for creating Windows app installer that surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability.
I have published two AI chatbot app projects based on RiveScript interpreter engine; one is rendered using Jekyll, another is built using Node.js and Socket.IO
Contains my embedded presentation slides that I used when I was giving a talk session on DevOps and Build Automation to my software team.
Automate your task for sending email notification with PowerShell script and Windows SMTP Client.
Creating dedicated sites to list all of my GitHub repos and gists for better clarity especially when the number of my repos and gists started increasing.
A simple webapp CRUD application with basic user authentication system for internal equipment tracking use.
Creating my responsive daily routine timeline using Google Charts with just few lines of HTML and JavaScript code.
A compilation of some commonly use PHP functions or code snippets that I have been using for most of my PHP projects.
Easier way to add the line numbers at the left side of my code block layout using few lines of JavaScript and CSS.
This is a simple how-to article demonstrating existing vulnerability that makes your Windows passwords are hackable.
SimpleLogger.cs is a very simple logger class that I wrote for my own use in some of my mini C# project developments.
Initial release of lightweight Serial Port reader written using PowerShell script to read data from a serial port and also export the data into a log file.
My singleton class code snippet called SerialPortManager for handling serial data communication in some of my C# projects.
XmlHelper.cs is a helper class for XML data serialization and deserialization that I wrote to be used in my C# projects.
Lambda expression helps me to write coding faster and shorter in C#. Let's learn how we can use lambda expressions, delegates, predicates and closures.
MVVM.cs is a collection of Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern common classes that can be implemented by any ViewModel (VM).
Just sharing some of the good common coding practices that I have been practicing in my coding style at work for C# programming.
Full example code for Windows Console application to demonstrate the multithreading programming in .NET C#.
Simple singleton pattern to turn your class into a singleton class. It's very simple and perform well, best use with time-consuming operation class in C# programming.
Demonstrating my own substitution cipher created in C# WPF using my own encoding method to encode the plaintext message into the encrypted strings.
Tips to easily install Jekyll on Windows via Command Prompt using Chocolatey, a package manager for Windows.
Set up your own fully functional WAMP (Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP) server on Windows without using any ready-made package like WampServer, XAMPP and so on.
Starting PHP version 5.5 onwards, password hashing in PHP application made easy as new native password hashing functions have been introduced.
If you need custom PHP function to secure your confidential information or to hash user password in unbreakable manner, these PHP code snippets may help and ease up your work.
From scripting it in mIRC program to .NET C# application, and finally to JavaScript; AI chatbot is one of the interesting projects to explore and getting myself exposed to AI programming.